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Privacy Policy


Our company attaches great importance to the protection of your personal information and complies with the personal information protection regulations under the 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection」 and 「Personal Information Protection Guidelines」 established by the Ministry of Information and Communication.
Through the Privacy Policy, we inform you about the purpose and method of using the personal information you provide and what measures are being taken to protect your personal information.
The personal information protection policy may change according to changes in related laws and company policies, so please check it frequently when visiting the site.

  • 01. Scope of collection of personal information

  • 02. Consent to collection of personal information

  • 03. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

  • 04.Non-member purchase

  • 05.Collection of personal information by cookies

  • 06. Use for other purposes and provide and share with third parties

  • 07. Reading, correction and deletion of personal information

  • 08. Withdraw consent to collection, use and provision of personal information

  • 09. Retention and disposal of personal information

  • 10.Technical and administrative measures for personal information protection

  • 11. Rights and Obligations of Users

  • 12. Collecting opinions and handling complaints

  • 13. Person in charge of personal information management and person in charge

The company can freely access most of the contents without a separate membership registration process. If you want to use the membership service, you must enter the following information, and there are no restrictions on using the service if you do not enter optional items.

※ Scope of personal information collected when signing up for membership
- Required items: desired ID, password, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, whether e-mail is received, etc.
- Optional items: mobile phone number, marital status, wedding anniversary, etc.

In addition, during a survey or event, you may request to provide additional personal information for collective statistical analysis or for the purpose of the event. Even at this time, the entered information will not be used for any purpose other than the provision of the service or the purpose previously disclosed to the member.


The company has prepared a procedure for clicking the “I agree” button or the “I do not agree” button on the contents of the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, and by clicking the “I Agree” button, you agree to the collection of personal information. see it as


The company collects personal information for the following purposes.
- Name, ID, password: Used for identification procedures according to membership service use, and provided and used as a credit information concentrating institution to check whether the person's real name is true
- E-mail address (newsletter reception or not): delivery of notices, confirmation of personal opinions, securing a smooth communication path such as handling complaints, and information on the latest information such as new services, new products or event information
- Bank account information, credit card information: Use of paid information and payment for product purchases
- Other optional items: Data to provide personalized service


Our company allows not only members but also non-members to purchase goods and services.
In the case of non-member orders, we only request personal information that is absolutely necessary for payment and product download from customers.
If the purchase is made as a non-member at the head office, the information entered by the non-member customer will not be used for any other purpose other than payment related purposes.
The company protects personal information for non-members in the same way as members.


① What is a cookie?

We use cookies to store and find information about you from time to time.
Cookies are small pieces of information that websites send to your computer browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.).
When you access the website, our computer reads the contents of the cookie in your browser, finds additional information about you on your computer, and provides services without additional input such as your name.
Cookies identify your computer, but not personally. You also have choices about cookies.
In [Tools] → [Internet Options] → [Security] → [Custom Level] at the top of the web browser, you can accept all cookies, send a notification when cookies are installed, or refuse to save all cookies. You can have options.

② The company operates cookies: The company operates cookies for the convenience of users.
The information collected through cookies is limited to member ID, and no other information is collected.
The member ID collected through cookies is used for the following purposes.
- Provide differentiated information according to individual interests
- Analyzing the access frequency or length of stay of members and non-members to identify users' tastes and interests, and utilize them for target marketing


① The company uses your personal information within the scope notified in 『Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information』, and does not use it beyond this range or provide it to others or other companies or organizations.
In particular, we will use and provide personal information with care in the following cases.

- Affiliate relationship: In order to provide better service, your personal information may be provided to or shared with affiliates. When providing or sharing personal information, in advance, we ask you about who our affiliates are, what personal information items are provided or shared, why such personal information should be provided or shared, and how long and how long it will be protected and managed. You will be notified individually by e-mail and in writing to obtain consent, and if you do not agree, it will not be provided to or shared with affiliates.
When there is a change in the partnership or when the partnership is terminated, the same procedure will be followed to notify or seek consent.
- Consignment processing: In the case of consignment processing of users' personal information for smooth business processing, the name of the consigned processing company, the scope of the personal information consigned, the purpose of consignment processing, the consignment processing process, and the period of maintaining the consignment relationship must be detailed in advance. Notice.
- Sales, mergers and acquisitions, etc.: If the rights and obligations of the service provider are completely succeeded or transferred, the justifiable reasons and procedures will be notified in detail in advance, and the user's option to withdraw consent to personal information is given.

② Notification and consent methods are notified at least 10 days in advance through the notice on the initial screen of the online website and individually notified at least once through e-mail, etc.

③ The following are exceptions.
- When there is a request from a related institution for investigative purposes according to related laws and regulations - When providing to advertisers, partners, or research organizations in a form that cannot identify specific individuals for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research
- When there is a request in accordance with the procedures stipulated in other related laws
- However, even in exceptional cases, when information is provided according to related laws or at the request of an investigation agency, it is in principle to notify the person concerned. We may not be able to give notice due to legal reasons. We will do our best not to provide information indiscriminately against the original purpose of collection and use.


You can view or correct your registered personal information at any time and request deletion of your ID. You can view and correct your personal information in the [Modify Member Information] at the head office, and click on the [Withdrawal of Membership] menu to delete your ID and proceed according to the set order.


You can withdraw your consent to the collection, use, and provision of personal information at any time through membership registration, etc. To withdraw consent, click 『Member Registration/Change Information』 on the first screen of the website or contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, by phone, or by e-mail, and we will take necessary measures such as deletion of personal information immediately. In the event of withdrawal of consent and destruction of personal information, we will notify you without delay.


As long as you are a member of our company and receive the services provided by our company, your personal information will be retained by the company and used to provide the service.
However, when a member of our company deletes ID or requests cancellation of membership according to the procedure described in 『Viewing, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information』, and when the purpose of receiving personal information notified to the member in advance is achieved, the personal information collected The information of is completely deleted from the hard disk by a method that cannot be reproduced and is processed so that it cannot be viewed or used for any purpose.


Your personal information is protected by a password. Only you can know the password of your account, and you can only check and change your personal information by the person who knows your password.
Therefore, you should not disclose your password to anyone.

Also, it is recommended to log out and close the web browser after completing the work.
In particular, if you share a computer with other people or use it in a public place, such a procedure is more necessary to prevent personal information from being disclosed to others.

The company is taking measures to prevent damage caused by computer viruses by using a vaccine program. Vaccine programs are updated regularly, and in the event of a sudden virus outbreak, the vaccine is provided as soon as it is released to prevent personal information from being damaged. In order to prevent leakage of member's personal information by hacking, etc., we are currently using a device that blocks intrusions from the outside to prevent attacks and hacking from the outside, and intrusion detection systems are installed in each server to monitor intrusions 24 hours a day. are doing In case of damage to other members' personal information, we back up the system and data to prepare for contingencies.

The head office limits personal information handling staff to a minimum, emphasizes compliance with this policy through frequent training for staff in charge, and takes corrective action immediately when problems are found.


① Please prevent unexpected accidents by entering your personal information accurately and up-to-date. Users are responsible for any accidents that occur due to inaccurate information entered by users, and if they enter false information, such as stealing other people's information, membership may be forfeited.
② In addition to the right to be protected, you also have an obligation to protect yourself and not to infringe on the information of others. Be careful not to leak your personal information, including your password, and be careful not to damage other people's personal information, including postings. If you fail to fulfill this responsibility and damage the information and dignity of others, you may be subject to punishment under the 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.」.


If you need advice on other personal information, you can inquire at the Personal Information Infringement Report Center, Information Protection Mark Certification Committee, Internet Crime Investigation Center of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, Cyber Crime Investigation Team of the National Police Agency, etc.

* Electronic Transaction Dispute Mediation Committee
- URL :

* Personal Information Infringement Report Center
- Phone: 1336
- URL:

* Information Protection Mark Certification Committee
- Tel: 02-580-0533
- URL :

* Supreme Prosecutors' Office Internet Crime Investigation Center
- Tel: 02-3480-3600
- URL :

* National Police Agency Cyber Crime Investigation Unit
- URL :


We are doing our best to ensure that you can use good information safely. In case of an accident that goes against the notices to you in protecting personal information, the person in charge of personal information management takes all responsibility. However, despite taking technical supplementary measures, we are not responsible for information damage caused by unexpected accidents caused by basic network risks such as hacking, and for various disputes caused by posts made by visitors.
The person in charge and person in charge of handling your personal information is as follows, and we respond promptly and faithfully to inquiries related to personal information.

- Personal information manager
* Name: Na-Hyuk Na
* Affiliation: Development Team
* Position: Deputy
* E-mail:
* Tel: 02-900-8653

※ The above personal information protection policy of the head office is effective from October 01, 2017.

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